“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”.


There is an undeniable beauty when a design goes from the flat screen with pixels to something real, touchable, with volume and scale . Specially with patterns, since it usually fits well on mostly anything you apply.
Here are some examples of patterns I had the pleasure to create and see the products come to life:


You cant take me with you

Be here now



Back in 2010 I was proudly invited by one of my favorite bands – As Tall as Lions – to make a t-shirt design. Since then, the project evolved and I also had the opportunity to make their last tour posters (7 in total). The images above are some alternate versions of the official released products.

5 mil leguas submarinas

Die whenever



break the mirror

deus ex imago


I’ve been experimenting with collage for quite some time, as a very spontaneous and introspective process, therefore I’ve never share it before. Some friends advise me to do it, so here it’s a selection of my favorite ones. Those are also part of a small project I hope to complete someday.